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Check if your content is being flagged as human-written or AI-generated. Trained on billions of words, DetectGPT never fails to detect if a text has been written by any AI model: ChatGPT, GPT4, Gemini, and more.

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Identify AI-written Content and Check Plagiarized Text Across the Internet


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Provide A Human-Written Certificate For Your Content

Prove your content's authenticity with DetectGPT's Original Content Certification. Share analysis links with clients, showcasing the uniqueness that sets your work apart.


Beyond Detection: Enhance Your Content's Credibility


99% Accuracy

Unparalleled precision in content analysis.


Plagiarism Checker

Ensure originality and integrity in every piece.


Fact Checking

Verify information accuracy with ease.


Readability Score

Craft content that captivates and communicates effectively.

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Detect AI Images

Stay ahead of the curve by identifying AI-generated visuals.

DetectGPT is Perfect For



DetectGPT helps educators ensure academic integrity by identifying potentially non-original student work, promoting honesty and creativity in the classroom.



DetectGPT assists students in verifying the originality of their work, fostering original thinking and preventing unintentional plagiarism.



DetectGPT supports writers in maintaining the uniqueness of their content, offering insights into AI-generated text versus human writing.

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Ideal for individuals and freelancers

  • 50,000 words per month
  • 1 user seat
  • Premium AI detection models
  • Batch file detection (10 files)
  • PDF report generation
  • AI Content Humanizer
  • Plagiarism checker




Designed for teams and organizations

  • 500,000 words per month
  • Unlimited team members
  • Premium AI detection models
  • Batch file detection (50 files)
  • PDF report generation
  • AI Content Humanizer
  • Plagiarism checker

AI Detection API

We built an easy to use API for organizations to detect AI content. Integrate DetectGPT’s AI detection abilities into your own tools and workflow.

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AcademicHELP trusted_icon


It's impressive to see how technology continues to evolve, offering solutions that enhance content moderation and authenticity verification. I'm excited to see how developers utilize this API to improve user experiences across different platforms. Great work! 🚀 #DetectGPT

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Souradip Chakraborty trusted_icon


Wonderful detection-based work, #DetectGPT was one of the first to show marvelous results on detections leveraging the curvature of the model’s log probability.

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MC 💻³🫶 trusted_icon


Now, here's a tool (we have enough fraudsters globally, don't you think?): You want to verify if any content is an AI product and not the hard work of your students, employees, or candidates, and so on? Use #DetectGPT it's 95% accurate.

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Doctor Pretesh trusted_icon


🤖 Can you spot AI-written text? 🔍 Learn how DetectGPT helps us find sneaky AI creations! 🧐 #AI #DeepLearning #ChatGPT #GPT #Copywriting #RefinedCreators

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Ai Tool Hunt trusted_icon


Detect AI-generated content while browsing the web with DetectGPT. Protect yourself from misleading or inaccurate information. #AI #ContentDetection

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Roy trusted_icon


Did you know that text written by LLMs can be detected without using classifiers or watermarking? It's true! DetectGPT uses a method of comparing the probability of your text to a modified version of it.

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Nita Farahany trusted_icon


#DetectGPT can distinguish between human vs AI generated text. "In initial experiments, the tool accurately identifies authorship 95%" … but begs the question of why we want to know.

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AI-SCHOLAR | AI Media trusted_icon


The author of the text: AI or human? A method for distinguishing authors called "DetectGPT" has been proposed. With this method, information generated by LLM can be detected, helping to suppress the spread of fake news.

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Claire 🌊🇪🇺🇫🇷🌍 trusted_icon


D’après les premiers tests, DetectGPT permettrait de repérer les textes générés par ChatGPT ou un autre logiciel recourant à l’IA avec un taux de réussite d’environ 95%. #détection #chatgpt

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